Saturday, January 17, 2009

Byasa, Cottage Cheese & Krishna

Namskar Friends,

I hope you enjoy this little story. I first heard it some years ago while listening to a recording of a talk given in 1948 by Paramahamsa Yogananda on the occasion of his birthday celebration. It was a wonderful talk that he gave and I always have remembered this story as one of the most lovely parts of the talk.


Once Beda Byasa--the writer of the Bhagavad Gita--was with some other disciples of Krishna. Krishna loved cottage cheese and so these disciple were trying to bring him some cheese. Only the Jamuna river was in flood and they could not think of how to get across it. So they said to Byasa, "Can you help us?" And Byasa said, "Do you think it is only Krishna who is hungry?" Then Byasa took the cheese and ate as much of it as he could. The other disciples were quite shocked and could not believe that Byasa would eat before the Master did.

Then Byasa stood facing the river and said, "Oh, Jamuna, if I have not eaten anything part your waters so that we can cross and be with Krishna." And to the amazement of everyone...the river parted. No one could understand. Nonetheless they began to make their way across the river.

When they at last made it to where Krishna was staying, he looked sleepy and his belly seemed quite full. But they took what cheese was left and offered it to him. He waved his hand to politely decline. So they asked, "Master, don't you want any cheese today?" And Krishna said, "Oh, no. I'm too full. The other disciple on the other side of the river already feed me too much." The rest of the disciples then understood that when Byasa was eating, he was only eating for Krishna.

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